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Credit for relocation


Ideal loan for the home

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Anyone who has already moved, knows the sometimes unpredictable costs that come to one. These costs are primarily made up of housing search costs (such as brokerage fees and security deposit payments), pure relocation costs (moving floats and packaging materials), and renovation costs. In addition, however, there are often significantly more costs, such as new furniture and fees for various authorities and vehicle notifications. It can therefore be very helpful if you take a loan for the move, as this can achieve a certain amount of financial flexibility.


The loan for a move

If you have opted for a loan to mitigate the financial needs a little, then you get this usually as a standard installment loan. It is offered at a variety of financial institutions, such as Postbank, Sparkasse, Norisbank or INGDiBa. In general, all local banks offer a loan for moving in the form of a installment loan, but worth a comparison – because not always offers its own house bank and the best conditions for this. For example, you can get a corresponding loan from 2.90% interest on some banks, while for others the interest rates are very high at up to 15.90%.

Ideal loan for the home

Credit for renovation

The amount of the removal loan

The exact amount of a loan for a move depends entirely on the personal situation. Therefore, the corresponding loans are offered by the financial institutions in different heights, usually in a range of 1000 € up to 50,000 €. The latter loan amount is usually not necessary for a normal move, however, a correspondingly high credit for a move abroad can be quite necessary.

In view of the high follow-up costs due to the monthly loan installments, the credit should be chosen as low as possible. It makes sense, therefore, that one rolls over before applying for credit, how much will be the required amount in about and accordingly selects the loan amount.

This is needed for the loan

This is needed for the loan

A loan for a move is generally subject to the same conditions as other loans from financial institutions. This means that you must first and foremost be solvent, so therefore can have a good credit rating. For this purpose, the bank usually pulls a Schufaabfragung in advance and can then decide directly whether the desired credit can be granted. In addition, you must have a monthly income, which must be substantiated by appropriate evidence.

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